Current Litter - Maddie x Meister

The Maddie x Meister waitlist is closed. Please contact us if you'd like to be added to our waitlist for a future litter.


Pups went fast for our last litter and we had more families than puppies. If you're interested in a Maddie x Meister puppy, please contact us to hold your position on the waitlist.  For consideration on the list, please send us an e-mail or call John at (208) 552-9675


The sire of the litter is Meister.  (Cas-Sita van de Neerbosche Wateren), a dog from the venerable Groevenbeek line. If you know the world of the Drent, that needs no explanation. This line is still directly descended from Nimrod, the dog that was used to develop the breed standard. 

Meister's personality is breed-typical.  Friendly, bright, playful, a little head strong, and a little vocal at times. If you've been around a Drent, you know they are bred to be watchful, to announce visitors to the house, and warn of intruders. This is not what "vocal" means to a Drent owner. Vocal simply means that they like to have conversations with you, not by barking but by a variety of other "woo-woo-woo" sounds that people usually find very endearing.  In the beginning, it can be a little much to have a dog give his opinion about everything, whether it is appropriate or not. Of course, proper socialization and training will teach the dog what is appropriate or not.  

Meister hunts at moderate distances, very typical for the breed. He's of medium build and medium speed, well within the breed's normal range. The primary reason for choosing Meister is his personality, and his moderating influence on Clio's high level of energy.



Dutchboy's Sweet Madeleine (Maddie) is the latest addition to our pack. She is a pup from the Clio x Matthijs litter born in April 2014.

Dutchboy Kennels Maddie - Drent with birdShe is incredibly calm and quiet but don't let that fool you - she is ALWAYS thinking!

She was hunting with her mother & brother at 6 months old and while she still needs some practice at pointing, she's already a great little retriever.

She will do anything her idol, big brother Patches, does - except get into the water past her belly!


We are waiting to further evaluate Maddie's personality as she develops and especially to see what kind of hunter she will be. More information about Maddie and her expected pups to follow.