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Clio x Meister - March 28, 2015

The Clio x Meister puppies were born Saturday,March 28th! Six healthy pups - 2 females and 4 males.Dutchboy Kennels Clio - Drent with new litter of puppies

The Clio x Meister litter is Clio's last litter. Our little mama is now retired. We kept a pup from the Clio x Matthijs litter in 2014 to continue our breeding program after Clio's retirement. We are planning Maddie's first litter in the spring of 2016! We enjoyed the Meister litter so much, we'd like to use him as sire for Maddie's first litter.


The sire of the litter is Meister.  (Cas-Sita van de Neerbosche Wateren), a dog from the venerable Groevenbeek line. If you know the world of the Drent, that needs no explanation. This line is still directly descended from Nimrod, the dog that was used to develop the breed standard. 

Meister's personality is breed-typical.  Friendly, bright, playful, a little head strong, and a little vocal at times. If you've been around a Drent, you know they are bred to be watchful, to announce visitors to the house, and warn of intruders. This is not what "vocal" means to a Drent owner. Vocal simply means that they like to have conversations with you, not by barking but by a variety of other "woo-woo-woo" sounds that people usually find very endearing.  In the beginning, it can be a little much to have a dog give his opinion about everything, whether it is appropriate or not. Of course, proper socialization and training will teach the dog what is appropriate or not.  

Meister hunts at moderate distances, very typical for the breed. He's of medium build and medium speed, well within the breed's normal range. The primary reason for choosing Meister is his personality, and his moderating influence on Clio's high level of energy.


Meister's Pedigree


This will be the last litter of our beloved Clio. What can I say about this little wonder dog? Her litter mates in the Netherlands all went on to notable careers in the Dutch field trial world. She has hunted all upland species in Idaho except pine grouse, as well as all manner of water foul, scaled quail and Montezuma quail. She's an absolute pro on sharp tailed grouse and chukars, and has no problem backing her son, or being backed by her son. Well, there's one thing. She gives me the evil eye every time I miss.  

Clio is on the smaller side of the range of the breed, and fairly slight. She is a marvelous hunter, tireless, driven, and very, very good at upland game. She hunts lost birds well, but I should have paid more attention on finishing her retrieving skills. She swims, but is not a natural swimmer — but almost all of her pups have been excellent swimmers, and swimming, especially with the Drent, is usually an acquired taste.

Her personality is very level, she is an excellent watch dog, and reserved towards strangers as is typical for the breed. She's affectionate with a very strong desire to please, lots of drive in the field and great around kids.

Dutchboy Kennels Clio - Drent on Point


My crystal ball tells me that the pups from this litter will probably need a summer and fall trim to better deal with heat and burrs in the field, but not much. The pups can be expected to hunt at medium range (40-80 yards) from the hunter, and naturally point at medium distance (which will depend on the species hunted). They will likely be at the bottom end of the breed's size range - not quite pocket sized, but something like 40-45 lbs for the females and 55 lbs for the males. Distinctly smaller than the litters we have bred before. They should have the bright, cheerful and affectionate personalities of both parents, but still be very, very driven in the field.

Clio x Matthijs - April 2014

The Clio x Matthijs puppies were born Sunday, April 6th, 2014! Five healthy pups - 2 females and 3 males.

Dutchboy Kennels Clio - 2014 Drent puppies Dutchboy Kennels Clio - 2014 Drent puppies Dutchboy Kennels Clio - 2014 Drent puppies

Dutchboy Kennels Clio - 2014 Drent puppies Dutchboy Kennels Clio - 2014 Drent puppies


This litter has been many years in the planning. Matthijs is the son of our Bowi the Gloucester and Jim and Diane Millington's Dutchess van Oudsher. We have watched him grow up, and, almost magically, he has combined the best attributes of his sire and dam. He is extremely athletic (no surprise), loves (LOVES) to swim (small surprise), is very energetic, and has a whimsical, eager to please personality. He is self confident, smart, and nearly tireless. In truth, he has the athleticism and drive of our Bowi, but the kind, sweet, stable personality of his mother -- the perfect combination.


Clio is of course a highly driven hunter, extremely athletic, eager to please, with excellent hunting skills. Her pups have consistently been good hunters, with stable, sweet personalities.


Pups from this litter can be expected to have a high level of energy, point at a medium distance, with a natural cast of around 60-80 yards. They can be expected to be good watch dogs, very good versatile hunting dogs, and great family dogs, for those who have the room and sense of humor needed to share their life with a field bred hunting dog. As with all Drents, the males can be expected to be somewhat dominant around intact males, which can be controlled with proper training.